Course Cruise Ship Medicine, open to all medical disciplines
24. - 31.05.2025, Pristine Iceland, circumnavigation of the entire island

Iceland reserve
Course Cruise Ship Medicine, MS Fridtjof Nansen

Lectures are in German and are simultaneously translated into English. Travel and course fees are tax deductible.

Original natural beauty

Discover the impressive volcanic landscape of Iceland with its active volcanoes, geysers, glaciers, mountains and waterfalls. At this time of year, this country probably offers the best whale watching opportunities in the whole of Europe. You can also look out for colonies of Island birds such as puffins.

  • Explore Iceland's coastline in its entirety and see some of the country's most fascinating sights on this complete circumnavigation, which starts and ends in Reykjavík.
  • Experience the geological wonders of the land of fire and ice, from volcanoes and glaciers to geysers and hot springs.
  • Watch whales in Húsavík and puffins in Bakkagerði and Heimaey, and travel with us to the Arctic Circle

Topics of the ship's doctor course, including:
⚓Topics of the ship's doctor course: German/english curriculum "Maritime Medicine"- 46 Units (=45 minutes)  ⚓Module I Institutions in the maritime sector and their areas of responsibility ⚓ Module II Laws and international conventions in the maritime sector ⚓ Module III Maritime workplace ⚓ Module IV Specific hazards on board seagoing vessels on board seagoing vessels ⚓ Module V Training of seafarers ⚓ Module VI Organization of medical care on seagoing vessels 8 ⚓Module VII Medical equipment and rooms on board ⚓ Module VIII Responsibilities of the ship's officer in charge ⚓ Module IX Ship's doctor ⚓X Treatments abroad ⚓ Module XI Behaviour in emergencies - sea rescue ⚓ Module XII Death on board ⚓ Module XIII Hygiene and disinfection on board ⚓ Module XIV Prevention ⚓ Health protection ⚓ Module XV Diving medicine ⚓ Module XVI Offshore  ⚓Learning success check ⚓

Continuing Medical Education
Internship included

Prospective ship's doctors

That's why I will book the course
I have already completed several advanced training courses with doctors and have always been enthusiastic about the topics, speakers and the destination. Island has always been at the top of my list.
Dr. med. Walter Hahmann
Doctor for general medicine & sports medicine
I would like to prepare myself intensively for working as a ship's doctor. The exciting topics as well as the fascinating expedition to Island motivated me to book the ship's doctor course.
Dr. med. P. Nesseler
Specialist in internal medicine Naturopathy
As the scientific director, I personally stand for the quality of the presentations. I am very much looking forward to 7 top-class speakers and to exchanging ideas with you.
Dr. med. Martin Biskowitz
Scientific director of the ship's doctor course

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